My story: How can a VMware vExpert program fuel your professional growth?

Recently I was awarded “VMware vExpert” title for the 10th year in row.

vExpert Badge

Over the years, as per my contribution to the community, I was awarded with below badges

Based on my 10+ years of professional experience, I think being part of vExpert community has had profound impact on my career and I am sure it will continue to have in future as well.

Few weeks back, I had created a video on how being part of vExpert community I was able to compound top 5-6 aspects/elements that shaped my career. I think in order to have well rounded organic professional growth, these key elements are necessary for every professional to excel. I always believe that anything good if you do consistently over the longer (considerable) period of time, it is bound to compound and it will start opening up multiple opportunities. I thought this post can be dedicated to have this video (just under 5 min) shared with you. Let me know if you resonate with 5-6 elements I talked about.

I also would like to let you know that since last 2 years, I am part of one of vExpert sub-programs i.e. VMware vExpert PRO.

Being vExpert PRO, my job is to help & mentor aspiring vExperts in my region (India) and beyond. If you are someone working as a professional on VMware technologies and aspire to be vExpert, please feel free to connect with me on linkedIn or Twitter, I will be happy to share my experience and be small part of your vExpert journey.

Further learning

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