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How to be vSphere Automation Rockstar: PowerCLI, SOAP and REST APIs

Last month, I got an opportunity to share my expertise around vSphere automation as part of VMUG bangalore. I was pumped up to present it since it was my first ever VMUG session.  Exciting news is all sessions are recorded and I thought it would be great to share it with you. If you want to get started with vSphere automation or take your understanding to the next level, I am sure you will find this session very useful. I personally felt how cool it would have been if I would have come across such informative but crisp session (just 41 min) when I started my vSphere automation journey.

Agenda : 

Why APIs are needed?

Getting started: PowerCLI

PowerCLI cmdlets and beyond

PowerCLI: key noteworthy points

Basics : vSphere SOAP based SDKs

Getting started: vSphere API reference, MOB & pyVmomi

Basics: vSphere REST based SDKs

Getting started: API explorer, python

Useful resources

Your critical comment/feedback is welcome. Besides my session, we had great technical sessions as follows. I would suggest to take a look at it as well.

  1. Insightful Keynote by Mohit Kataria, Sr. Product Manager, CMBU, VMware.
  2. vSphere and vRA troubleshooting with use cases by Abhilash & Ravi
  3. vSAN use cases and troubleshooting by Cedric Rajendran & Hareesh

I would like to thank VMUG bangaluru organizing team and our VMUG leaders Sujith and Sumanth for giving this opportunity.