vSphere API using Java : Getting started/Samples consolidated

Want to get started quickly with vSphere API using Java SDK coding but not getting easy to understand samples/tutorials? Want to get quick insight into vSphere APIs ? If you have these questions, this post is for you.

Some time back I had written 6 blog articles @vSphere API using Java SDK for VMware users and academic students. I thought to consolidate all the blog posts together in one short post so that it will be a one stop shop@vSphere API learning.

I recommend you to refer these 6 blog articles in below sequence. Blogs are written in a way that 1st year Engineering student should also understand easily.

Getting started with vSphere API using Java: How to quickly setup your eclipse environment (5-10 min)

Tutorial 1: How to initialize connection with ESXi host or vCenter server using vSphere API.

Tutorial 2:How to access/navigate vCenter server or ESXi host inventory using vSphere API

Sample 1: How to get datastore summary for all the datastores connected to a ESXi host.

Sample 2: How to create VM-Host DRS affinity rules using vSphere API

Sample 3: How to create VM-VM DRS affinity rules using vSphere API

You may also want to share these article with friends/students/customers. It will help them in their projects related to VMware. This also can be a trigger to start learning@VMware.

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