VMworld US 2018: My VMware {code} power sessions experience

VMworld 2018 US was my first VMworld at Las Vegas and without a doubt, it was really exciting & insightful experience for me.  In this post, I am going to share my experience as VMware {code} power session speaker & will share youtube , facebook stream recording for the same. In addition, I will also brief on how was the excitement at VMworld as blogger.

1. Experience as power session speaker.

Beauty of these sessions was that all sessions were exclusively about coding across VMware, CICD, DevOps, open-source, hybrid cloud, cloud-native & block-chain etc.  I do not have any doubt that this track will become one of the famous VMworld tracks. Below were my power sessions.

You could see focus of all my sessions was around vSphere Automation (SOAP, REST & CLI ) , the area I am passionate about. Personally it was really thrilling experience since challenge was to make relatively complex topic such as vSphere Automation simplified and cover within stipulated time.  More exciting was that these sessions were being live streamed on facebook.  My objective was to make sure content I am presenting is simplified as much as possible that anyone will be able to understand with little or no knowledge.  After presenting these sessions, I felt that efforts put into preparation phase, multiple mock presentations were really worth. Based on the number of people attended and discussion on queries with customers, I could say that sessions were well received. Below is the list of my sessions with youtube and facebook live stream recording. I would highly recommend you to listen to all of these sessions. I am sure they will power you as well.  Your critical feedback is welcome.

2. VMware {code} power sessions

1] Closer look at vSphere Programming and CLI interfaces. 

Agenda was as follows:

  • Why APIs are needed?
  •  vSphere SOAP based SDKs
  • Getting started: vSphere API reference, MOB & pyVmomi
  • vSphere REST based SDKs
  • Getting started: API explorer
  • vSphere CLI interfaces
  • Getting started: PowerCLI
  • Useful resources

2] Overview on “Deploy & Manage vCenter server HA” using vSphere APIs

Agenda was as follows:

  • What is vCenter HA?
  •  vSphere API basics
  • vCenter HA managed objects
  • Getting started with pyVmomi
  • Sample example: Getting vCenter HA health
  • Useful resources

3] Be a ” vCenter REST API” rockstar using python

Agenda was as follows:

  • Key HTTP methods
  •  vCenter features supported @REST
  • What is api-explorer and how to use it?
  • Getting started with REST APIs using python
  • Sample example: Getting VMs and powering them
  • Useful resources

Good news is, I do have blog post associated with this content here. I would highly recommend you to read it. Watch  it on below facebook stream at 3:47:59.

Note: I would have liked to make these sessions as comprehensive as possible but in an attempt to make it simplified and due to time constraints, I had to cut short. Your feedback is welcome. In addition, I am working on uploading my slide deck , please stay tuned.

3. Excitement as VMworld Blogger

You can not imagine how proud I felt while wearing this VMworld badge as blogger.

It is absolute honor to be one among this VMworld bloggers list and being part of VMworld as blogger. Community team had setup nice blogger lounge for bloggers.

Inside general session theater, special seats with “blogger label” were made available as well. was not that extra super cool?

Most heartening moment

Last time at VMworld 2017 Barcelona , I was roaming around, not many people were knowing me. This time, I could see many people from vCommunity were knowing me, recognizing my face, saying “Hi”.  Beyond that, it was great feeling when VMware users came forward to meet me and thanked for the content I generated so far.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank  VMware community team (Eric , Elsa, Kripa, Julia ) for putting great show @power sessions and bloggers space.

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